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We are all about printing!printing!printing!!!

Welcome to Bluewrap – India’s fastest growing online portal for custom fashion, printing, designing, and personalized gifting. We have an array of classy and sophisticated personalized products, ranging right from corporate stationery to the products ideal for gifting. You can easily grab hands on the coolest ever mobile and tech accessories, apparels, business cards, flyers, ultimate kitchenware, embellishing home decor and other fun stuff to spice up your shopping list. We are always keen to take special care to cater to all your personal and corporate needs. If you are looking for that unparalleled customizing experience and seeking total exclusivity then, Bull's eye! You have just hit on the right spot.

Let us take you through the glimpse on how it started

It was during 2012, the revolution of e-commerce started in India, but still the online printing wasn't, customization shops were totally out of reach, online customization experience was pathetic as they had bare minimum features available to customize, Visualization of the design was only on minds, if someone wants to design, he had to learn using Corel draw or photoshop by installing them in their lapi's, there was no one place online to store designs and edit or reuse whenever required, companies had to face a bigger problem to store all the branding designs and to give access only to their required users. Apart from all these, there was no social place for designs, unlike Facebook for faces.

By looking at all these problems and by self-facing them, Bluewrap actually started on 15th Nov 2012 but again re-started on 2nd Aug 2017 with an intention to come up with rich-featured online editing options where a layman can sit and design with full of ease by using readily available templates.

Let us hear it from our Founder on the challenges faced in bringing up Bluewrap.


Adarsha S, CO-Founder and CEO

It was from my childhood days I developed a passion for printing, when I was in 5th standard, I first printed self-designed label stickers for my class notes, from then I didn't turn back, I was fascinated by the way we print and the way printing machines work, I started exploring more and I tried printing and painting on whatever the materials available around. I was very good in sketches and drawing, which is now helping me to write UI sketches for the website and design studio.

During my college days, being an event coordinator, I had to get banners, tees, and posters for the events of our department, which further motivated me to develop love towards printing, I started getting the printing and designing done for other departments and later expanded with colleges too. 

Being a daydreamer, my mind was always pinching me to become an entrepreneur, I couldn't wait till final year of Engineering, at the beginning of the 2nd year, I started promoting online computer courses for the students to subscribe, by then I started earning and improved my communication skills. As I had a lot of passion for printing, I wanted to do something out of it, later after a year, I quit promoting computer courses to start online print store, my dreams began chasing me, I wanted to achieve things faster, being a 19-year-old guy, I registered a company, developed online print store, opened an office in Bangalore with the money parents gave me to get into the Hostel. After running it for 3 months, I had to shut down as I was running out of funds and the things we're not in control. Again in final year engineering, I took 2 Lacs from parents to restart the business, but that also didn't succeed and had to shut down after a few months. I continued writing UI sketches for website and design studio, that didn't stop me from all these failures.

As usual Graduated as a Civil Engineer from MSRIT Bangalore, I thought of continuing career as a Civil Engineer as all my attempts of being an Entrepreneur failed, but the surprise was awaiting me, I was campus recruited to, I decided that it's a right place to learn and understand the e-commerce business better, I took U-turn into the field of e-commerce instead continuing as a Civil Engineer. I started my career with Bigbasket as an Innovation Manager where my role was to innovate and bring new technology to the company, I got exposure to the very latest technology, Innovated few things in Ventilation, Cold Chain, IOT, AI, Block Chain, automation and robotics. With 3.5 years of rich experience in Bigbasket, I was ideologically very strong, again my mind started pinching me to become an entrepreneur. I took those old UI sketches, re-created to be ideologically valid and started the development, it took nearly 1.5 years to finish the development without having any issues as it was slightly complicated stuff. Finally, we are here presenting you the rich-featured user-friendly online print store.

Our core team


Navin Kumar, Co-founder

NIT Rourkela

B-Tech Mechanical, Mtech - Mechatronics & Automation

Subhash S Reddy, Co-Founder

PostGraduate in Structural Engineering.

Maruthi , Head -Product Category and Customer Support

Maruthi BJ, Head-Product Category and customer support

Telecom Engineer by degree, MSRIT Bangalore

We are growing at an unbelievable speed, our team size is getting larger and larger day by day if you're talented and think you can handle the pressure of an exponential growth rate, join the wrappers journey. We'd love to have you onboard!

Think Custom fashion, think Bluewrap!

Think designing, think Bluewrap!

Think printing, think Bluewrap!

Bluewrap is made with love and passion, your support will always be a heartbeat to us.